Why RD ?

logo Since its inception the organization has always been quality-conscious.

  • Highest Quality Assurance
  • Exploration of Expertise
  • Application of Experience
  • Customer-first Approach
  • Adoption of Latest Technologies

This best explains why customes will opt for RD Steel.

Rolls for the Rolling Mills
We being the manufacturer of a wide range of rolls for 2 Hi, 3 Hi, 4 Hi, 5 Hi and 6 Hi rolling mills offer 3 major rolls with absolute precision and quality. Our products are high on demand yielding steady revenues year after year.

Work Rolls
We offer Work Rolls as per the custom requirement of the clients. In order to woo our customers with durability of the products we go through various international tests and verification checks after designing. We use finest grade materials and employ ultrasonic testing to verify the physical behaviour and heat testing processes by computers. The major application of our work roll lies in the rolling mills and metal industries

Superior quality
Great productivity
High Durability
Deflection Proof
Back Up Rolls
We also offer exquisite collection of Back Up Rolls used to prevent work roll deflection. Considered to be the largest and heaviest roll in rolling mill, with advantage of its weight, it can deliver the rolling force to the work roll and support them. We apply barrel induction heat treatment to make the surface and inner hardness even and uniform. The major application of backup rolls lies in rolling mills, metal and steel industries.

Unparallel productivity
Made of superior grade steel
Highly durable
Deflection Proof
Rolls for Skin Pass Mills
Depending on customer requirements, the skin pass mill is mainly used in steel and stainless steel applications in either wet or dry processes. We manufacture high precision rolls for 2 Hi, 3 Hi, 4 Hi, 5 Hi and 6 Hi Skin Pass mills.

Grade one steel product
High durability & productivity
Precise and accurate